The World of Popular Music

Music as previously discussed is one of the most common tool that is accepted globally. You will realize that there are various categories of music and it all depends of the audience. Having said that, there are some music that are declared popular this is the music that has a wide appeal and usually listen to by a very large audience. The said popular music is those kind of music that can be performed by individual who have no or at sometimes very little music training. These kind of music are not so complicated and that is the reason it is accepted by a vast majority of audience, they are typically at time single melodies and has a lot of repetition with verses and chorus that are repeated more often with a bridge.

 Lupe FiascoEven though this music seems to be very simple music, coming up with a single track that can be accepted is not an easy task. It is not a child’s play to create a song that will not only be accepted but also admired over the years by different generations. This is the main reason why at times artist will come and find a music that was done in the past to be appealing now and they redo it all over again but in a different style. The same principle applies to the producers of this popular music that will make the same music that was created some time back into something totally different but with just a new twist.

There is several popular music that have been redone several times, the beauty about it is that even though it is the same music you might have heard before it will sound totally different. The list below is some of the most popular music not only in America but the whole world.

  1. Day dreaming by Lupe Fiasco compared with the chorus of Daydream in Blue by I-monster. This song by Lupe fiasco was not such a big success in the billboard but did pretty well and won the Grammy thank to the melody that is very catchy to say the least.
  2. PitbulAnother popular song that became do popular in the world was the Jessica Simpson song – I think am in Love with you with the original song done by John Mellencamp – Jack and Diane. The song had this hands clap during the bridge that made in so popular in the dance pop and the same time Mellencamp topped the US chart.
  3. I know you want me Pitbull is another song that has really been popular and when you listen to the track compared to the 75, brazil street done by Fasano and Rich. Amazing about Pitbull song is that he released it just a year after Fasano’s and it became one of the popular music among some of his favorite hits.