The Top 5 Music Tours of 2018

  1. The U2 tour

This tour happened from May 2 to June 29 and it was the in this tour that U2 will drop song of experience. The tour will start from North America in May 2018. The tour will be one of a kind and they have promised to launch the sequel to 2015’s Innocence and Experience. There is no secret about this one of the top rock band abilities to move the any crowd that they will encounter. The tour is bound to be one of the best we already know that Bon and his gang have never disappointed when it comes to that stage.

  1. Tylor swift tour

Tylor swift tourHer fans will be wondering whether she still got it in her to bring down the stage when she takes on tour that started in May 8 to October 6. This will be the first tour for the pop star since her last in 2015. She will be performing in almost 44 stadiums across the country and expected to be in some events along the way making this one of the comebacks of the year. We just hope that at her age she will leave to her reputation like the shake off in her Jingle ball performance. She is sure to deliver as promised because that is what Taylor Swift has the reputation for, and that is what the fans across the country will be hoping and dying for.

  1. Pink “Beautiful Trauma” tour

This tur started in March 1 and will be going on to September 8. One thing that is for sure beyond any reasonable doubt is that when it comes to pink tour expect the unexpected. She is full of on stage antics plus a lot of pop bangers and a lot of emotional attitudes. Rumors had it that pink has this set of new material that she is bound to experiment with them in this tour, so it is something that the fans should definitely watch out for.

  1. Lana Del Rey Tour

Lana Del Rey TourShe is really on top of the game at the moment with her album Lust for life. Her tour that happened in January 5 to February 28 could not miss to be mentioned as it was awesome. She was in the company of Jhene Aiko AND Laki Uchis which was the showstopper for this tour. To add on top of she did not disappoint with her cheeky music video that she has become so popular with.

  1. Shania Twain Tour

The tour that started in May 3 and will be going on to Aug 4 is expected as usual to command the so familiar stage across the United States. This is after taking a break for almost three years. The fans of this amazing artist cannot wait to hear some of her best known singles like, “whose bed have your boots been under” and “Man! I feel like a woman” that is guaranteed to take them back to those nostalgic days. On top of her performance Shania Twain is expected to share her 2017 album “Now” that will definitely be what the fans will love.